Your stories.

Authentically told.

You want to feel like yourself on your memorable days.

Your intimate wedding or elopement. Your engagement or proposal. Creative headshots, family portraits, maternity shoots, you name it. You want these moments captured so you can hold on to them forever. But you also might be thinking – what happens if I choose the wrong photographer and don’t like my photos??

Your friends’ more traditional wedding photos are amazing, but they’re not quite the kind of photos you want. Same goes for the family session your neighbor did and the engagement shoot on your bestie’s Instagram. You want photos that are playful and unique. Intimate and raw. Never over-staged and over-edited. That look like YOU or represent your real relationships. Your real life. On top of that, you know having your picture taken can be so freaking awkward! 

So, you’re looking for someone whose photography appeals to you, makes you feel comfortable and photographs you as you see yourself. Too much to ask? 

You can have it all!
This is your story. So, let’s photograph it your way.

Whether it’s your wedding day or another significant moment in your life, you can think of me as your friend with a camera. A storyteller who totally shares the perspective that you don’t need to follow any rules – on important days or ever! – and your story should be uniquely yours. 

I focus on capturing you through photos you can keep forever, so you can focus on taking in all the love and connection of the moments you’ve waited so dang long for!

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Let’s Talk!

Your inquiry comes in. I do a little happy dance. Let’s discover what working together will look like for you.

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It’s often just a look. A tender gesture. A detail most people wouldn’t see. But when it comes to your intimate wedding or elopement, these small moments make up the whole story. 

Let’s create a collection of authentic memories – big and small – from your wedding day.

Intimate Weddings & Elopements


Some of My Favorite Things

Destination wedding? Yes, please!

But photographing the essence of the place – landscapes, cityscapes, and all the details in between – is only half the fun. The rest is capturing your love story and the shared sense of adventure that started it.

Destination Weddings


Proposals. Engagements. Bridal showers and bachelorettes. 

If you want a photographer who can document your moments as a couple – documenting your memories as they actually happen – let’s talk.

Couples Shoots


We’re celebrating all of your big milestones around here. That means creative portraits too. So if you want a photos of your pregnancy or authentic headshots, let’s work together to create a portrait that truly captures you.

Creative Portrait Shoots


And I’m not talking about the 2.5-kids-standing-in-a-yard-with-matching-sweaters kind of portrait. 

Because we all know family life is a ride – one defined by laughter, so much love, tired tears, and sometimes stains on those matching sweaters. That’s why family shoots are candid and joyful. I make you and your little crew feel relaxed and give you photos that document this moment in time, as it really is.

Family Shoots


Want to explore some of the ways we can work together?

starting at $450/hour

starting at $1,000

starting at $450

starting at $450

starting at $450

You’re my kind of people if…

You want your wedding (or other big day) to be a super intimate occasion that celebrates you or your relationship as it truly is.

You’re not just looking for just any photographer, but one who gets you and can make your ideas for the session into a beautiful reality!

You’re looking for a photographer who’s fun to work with. Who puts you at ease. And who even on busy day, tired days, and 75 Hard days shows up with full energy and does her absolute best to capture your moments authentically on camera!

You’ve seen some of my work and you can picture yourself in the sessions. You like my style – intimate, raw, and intentionally focused on the small moments – and that's how you want your own memories preserved. 

You’ve looked through so many photographers’ websites, searching for the one. You’ve probably got 11 other tabs open RIGHT NOW. But still, you’re reading this, thinking, “Dang. This is clicking for me.”

What to Expect

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Relive memories and rediscover moments from the day – I hope you’re absolutely in love with what you see!!


Get in touch with your ideas for a session. Over a phone call (or a coffee, if you’re local!), we talk through the details, collaborate on ideas, and make sure it’s a great match. We make things official with a proposal, a contract, and a retainer – depending on the occasion, this could be a few months or a couple years in advance. Leading up to your session, we’ll stay in touch and get specific about everything you want your day to be.



You. Look. Amazing. With all the planning behind us, it’s finally time for your session. And the day you’ve put so much energy into will be so stinkin' special, rain or shine. We’ll meet up in the weeks beforehand to cover any last-minute things. On the big day, I’ll be by your side capturing your memories while you live them – like a friend with a camera, remember?



If you’re anything like me, you are probably counting the seconds for your photos to come back. After your session date, I’ll be busy editing (probably watching back-to-back episodes of Law and Order while I do it!). And three to eight weeks later, your images will pop into your inbox along with instructions for download. If you can wait, I recommend not opening the gallery until you are with your partner so you can make a date night out of it! ♡

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Relive memories and rediscover moments from the day – I hope you’re absolutely in love with what you see!!


Intimacy over showiness. Authenticity over *what everyone else is doing*.  Celebrating tradition when it feels right and forgetting it when it doesn’t. 

Intimate photography for couples who want to feel like themselves on their biggest days.

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