Wedding planning may be stressful, but finding a photographer who gets you doesn’t have to be. 

I’m Anaice.

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Oh Hi!

There are absolutely no rules about how your wedding has to be.

You want to plan a wedding that’s yours. That’s intimate and celebrates your love story.

But then all the other stuff sets in – pressure about whom you have to invite. Expectations about what you have to do. Traditions without reason. Which vendors to use. Even picking your dang tablecloth can be hard.

At some point, it can feel a whole lot easier to go along with what everyone else is doing. 

But your wedding day is the start of YOUR marriage. It’s a celebration of your relationship and a day you’ll remember forever. And planning it the way you want – with people who understand what you want – will be so worth the effort.

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I’m just going to say it.

When you choose your photographer you’re getting someone to capture your memories. 

A point of view. A person who literally follows you around your whole wedding day. So let me tell you a bit about me!

Let’s just say that while I grew up in the South and like a crawfish boil as much as anyone, I’ve always been the type to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. We’re talking socks and sandals, y’all.

I got my start when a sports injury turned me from a soccer player into the photographer for the whole LSUA athletic department. Ever since, I’ve been documenting the fleeting moments in a couple’s lives – engagements, elopements, destination weddings, intimate weddings, pregnancies – through natural photos that they can keep for a lifetime. 

Behind the camera, I’m playful, down-to-earth, and intuitive about how you want to be seen. You can think of me as a calming force on a day with so much else going on! I’m also just awkward enough to make you feel at ease. 

When I’m not working, you’ll still find me with a camera in my hand – only for traveling (hello, destination weddings!) and making a mess in the kitchen

I’m an elopement, destination, and intimate wedding photographer from Lafayette, Louisiana. 

I’m Anaice Hackett

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Things I am 


My wedding! An intimate experience rather than a big thing. A destination wedding – somewhere beautiful, in a place significant to my future husband and me – and a whole week of adventuring and celebration with only our closest people. 

+ Becoming a wife and a mama someday. I imagine living in a cottage surrounded by wildflowers! The love of my life by my side and a bunch of kiddos running around while I bake all day.




Can I say everywhere?? Scotland and New Zealand for wild landscapes. Seaside villages in Greece and cozy winter in Scandinavia. Argentina, Spain, the Faroe Islands, Hawaii, Vermont, Montana… ok, I’ll stop.

If you can’t tell, I love to travel and these are just some of the places that have been on my list for way too long. 




Traveling. Cooking and baking up a storm. Comfy pajamas. Incredible kitchens and really good wallpaper.

And I’m not sure any photo editing would get done without Law and Order SVU!


Intimacy over showiness. Authenticity over *what everyone else is doing*.  Celebrating tradition when it feels right and forgetting it when it doesn’t. 

Intimate photography for couples who want to feel like themselves on their biggest days.

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